Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vivienne Veto: posterior prose

If your derriere says RAW, JUICY or PINK, it will be assumed that you are indeed a piece of meat, and you will be treated accordingly.
Tourist season in Paris is in full swing, and Vivienne is seeing some truly unattractive looks walking into the lobby of her hotel.  Top of her list of vetoes for today is any garment with writing across the... backside.

As she points out, if you have a really unattractive tush, the LAST thing you want to do is call attention to that fact.  And if you have earned (or been blessed with) buns of steel, the LAST thing you want to do is detract from your... assets. 

On a related rant, Vivienne questions if anybody in the English-speaking world knows what couture means.  And she's right -  the word couture used to describe a ready-to-wear brand is an oxymoron, as well as an insult to the craftsmanship and artistry practiced by couturiers and their staff.


  1. I totally agree with the final rant! One of my hobbies is sewing, and I have (informally) studied traditional couture techniques. It bugs me when I see that word used on mass-marketed goods.

  2. I know a woman in her 50's who wears Victoria Secret lounge pants with the word PINK spelled out on her derrière. I've also seen "Lucky" and "Juicy" on her rear as well. It looks so ridiculous....and so "trying too hard to look young and hip".

  3. @Adrienne--was it the ex?--just curious.

    I hate seeing words on clothing as you have mentioned here. Not classy, not cute. And I think it is sad that these "designers" or "labels" market our young people. I have seen very young girls (middle school and younger) wearing such items and it really saddens me.

    I was just talking to a lingerie shop owner the other day about the demise of Victoria's Secret. We both could remember when that franchise first started and how elegant the stores felt (in comparison to anything else going at the time--which was nothing) and the quality items it showcased. Now it's like walking into a Sluts R Us store...obviously marketing to the young buyer. Who would've thought that lingerie could be dumbed down? And "angels" wearing bras and bikini bottoms....STUPID MARKETING...but look how well it has worked for them. This...the sad little world I live in. xxBliss

  4. Yeah, this is just wrong. Butt script flatters no one! I like the title "Vivienne Veto", it makes me smile and now I'll think of this as I go about life choosing clothes.

  5. I have to say, that as a woman who was a teen and college student when these first came out as the "hot" thing to wear I was absolutely disgusted. Who in their right mind puts writing across their derriere? Not I.

    And for the couture thing, I certainly agree. It seems to be the trend to attach couture as if adding the word instantly makes the clothing worth more. No, it just angers those who understand the difficulty and artistry that comes with creating true couture clothing. I think some designers must be rolling in their graves.

  6. Vivienne Veto rules!

    I don't know if it's too general to say the English speaking world doesn't understand the meaning of couture - in mass-marketed societies, we certainly don't. And it IS insulting to the people who make craftsmanship their career. Having taken professional seamstress classes, I can appreciate the hours and meticulous detail that goes into a finely crafted garment.

    But then, if women want to go around with PINK and JUICY on their rear ends, do we really expect them to understand couture? Stores and magazines are created for the 22-year old shopper, you know.

  7. Just for fun, let's bring back the Vivienne Vito. It has been a while.

  8. Just for fun, let's bring back the Vivienne Vito. It has been a while.