Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vivienne Veto: long toenails

I could easily have found a photograph to go with this post (just Google long toenails and you will be enormously creeped-out), but I thought I'd just share a beautiful night photograph of Notre Dame to accompany Vivienne's latest rant.

She works in a hotel in Paris that is very large, and she sees both tourists and business travelers from around the world.  Thus, she is... lucky.... enough to see all sorts of fashion statements, both good and bad.

But this morning, I heard from her, and she was pretty inflammatory in her criticism of a guest who was checking in, who had toenails which extended at least an inch beyond the ends of her toes.  The guest of course was wearing sandals, which Vivienne pointed out ALSO extended well beyond the ends of her toes, in order to keep these... claws... from touching the ground.  I'm still waiting to hear the nationality of this taloned tourist.

The nails were manicured, so neglect can't be an excuse.

I've asked Vivienne for some more of her least favorite looks, so I'm hopeful that the Veto can become a regular part of The Vivienne Files. Please note that I don't for a heartbeat believe that anybody reading this blog actually does the things that Vivienne sites; this is more a way of sharing the indignation of our tasteful friend with the world.


  1. When I was in college, I lived in a dormitory. Down the hall from me lived one of our school's cheerleaders. She had very long, well-groomed and always painted toe nails. This was many years ago, and I have never forgotten Susan's toe nails and have never stopped wondering how she was able to jump and dance around siss-boom-bahing while her poor toe nails were mercilessly crammed into sneakers.
    I find long toenails repellant. But like you, I wonder what country this particular hotel guest hails from. In her culture, perhaps long toe-nails are desirable.

  2. Oh, that's no mistake. The length of those toenails is intentional.

    How the heck do you wear shoes to do cardio?

    I think it is new money tackiness. And foolishness.

  3. Good lord - times are changing - I agree with Rebekah that the long toenails is intentional - it reminds one of the "Bling bling" set.
    Have a sweet weekend;-)

  4. They don't even have to be too long, a French manicure on toe nails is a no go for me, too, as it makes them look longer than they actually are...