Monday, May 23, 2011

Did you put on your sunscreen this morning?

Pig and bacon cartoon about sunscreen.

My dear mother has a divot on her forehead the size of a small ravioli (or maybe a cocktail-sized crab cake - I'm really hungry!).  She had a malignant skin cancer removed a few weeks ago, and she is going to have a pretty severe scar for the rest of her life.  Happily, they are confident that the entire cancer was removed, and they don't at this time believe that she has any other "spots" that will become a problem.  But from now on, she has to be checked head to toe every six months.

She never was a sun-bather, but she worked in our yard and garden throughout the year.  I never saw her wear a hat, and I don't remember her ever putting what we used to call suntan lotion on her face.  She never seemed to be tanned, nor burned, but this is definitely sun damage.

I was told years ago that, if the streetlights weren't on, I needed to be wearing sunscreen.  Our ozone protection isn't getting any stronger, and we now have the ability to protect ourselves from at least one disfiguring and potential deadly cancer.  

So consider this a loving reminder from a dear friend.

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  1. That is too bad about your mom. I have a friend who had skin cancer on her upper arm area and they took a very large chunk in order to get it all. It created a huge dent in her arm - not very attractive, but better than the alternative.

    I am pretty good about using sunscreen - even when it's cloudy outside. Thank you for the reminder though. Sometimes I get lazy.

  2. I am insane about putting on sunscreen and carry a decent SPF in my handbag at all times. People look at me and say, "It's because you're so pale." No, I'm so pale because I wear sunscreen to avoid skin cancer. I actually used to tan beautifully as a teen, but by the age of 19 had decided I preferred my paler skin... and a longer life expectancy!