Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Decoding the mysterious "weave knot"

A close-up photograph of a weave knot, with EASY instructions on how to tie it
This is NOT the Bayeux tapestry! It's just a very simple knot...

This scarf knot has been receiving a lot of attention in the blog world recently; I saw a NINE step instruction diagram/hieroglyphic on how to tie it!   Rest assured, it's not at all complicated - it's really just a clove-hitch knot, which any self-respecting boy scout could tie blindfolded.  So in the interest of beautifying the scarf world, I'm going to tell you how to tie this knot, in five steps, in less than one minute, without a mirror.

1.  Arrange the scarf with the two ends hanging down in the front - the left side reaching to about your waist, and the right end (now fondly called the long end) to your right.

2.  Cross the long end under the short end across your chest.  You are now finished with the short end.

3.  Toss the longer end over your left shoulder.  Where the scarf comes up over your left shoulder blade, grab it with your left hand in a sort of overhand fist, as if you're going to punch yourself in the left jaw.

4.  Reach around the back of your head with your right hand and grab the long end.  Pull it around the back of your neck, to the front, past your right ear.

5.  Take the (now rather shorter) long end and pull it across the front of your body, and tuck it through the gap that is currently being maintained by your left knuckles.  Adjust all squishy parts to suit.

That's it.  Short over long, grab, wrap, tuck.

Simplicity and ease are an essential part of elegance.  Scarf tying that's a cross between origami and gymnastics does not qualify, nor is it really necessary!



  1. Oh I LIKE it! Thank you. I was trying to figure it out from the photo before you gave the instructions...I think I was really close. : ) xxBliss

  2. Any time you see a photo of a knot you like, send it on to me; I have a weird but useful gift for figuring out how to tie them1

  3. I will have to give this a try. Thank you for making it sound so simple. I'll let you know how I do.

  4. If you need step-by-step photos, let me know and I'll draft my photographer to help me!

  5. Happy to report I did it correctly the first time--with no pictures! : ) Merci encore!

  6. OK, evidently I am a little obsessed by this new "weave knot". I just tried it with a 90cm Hermes--it looked awesome!!

  7. I had a woman in Italy show me this knot a few years ago. She called it the new way from Valentino. Weave knot seems more descriptive. I've had people stop me on the street to ask me how to tie it. I'm not sure where the nine steps come from. I do a hacking knot, but only put one end through the loop, twist the loop (either way works), then put the other end through the twisted loop. It's very secure.