Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Extravagance = Economy: Louis Vuitton Handbag

I take a LOT of grief about being extravagant.  Which is interesting, given that I have no debt, I'm not doing anything illegal to earn money, and I'm not independently wealthy!  But I have figured out that what looks like extravagant to many people can really be interpreted as being pretty frugal, and I'd like to show you how this can be done.

This beauty is a Louis Vuitton Seau in a leather finish called Epi - sort of a teeny little pleat-y sort of look.  It's got all of the merits of LV quality without as much of a visible logo, and it has (in my world) the immeasurable merit of being BLACK!!!!

I was never on the LV bag bandwagon until I saw the Epi's, and then I was interested.  But the prices, for me, are prohibitive, so I (a) specified my requirements for a bag, in terms of size, shape, type of handle etc. and (b) I put on my patient shopper hat and kept my eyes open.  And I looked EVERYWHERE - yard sales, re-sale shops, thrift stores, eBay, Craig's List - there's no option I was not willing to consider.  (except, of course, I was not going to buy a counterfeit.  Enuf said).

3 weeks later, this beauty was on eBay.  20% of the original retail price.  Does not appear to have EVER been out of the bag.  And now, she is mine, and she will remain mine for the rest of my life...  I traded time, patience, and planning for a large amount of money; I don't think that's extravagant at all. 


  1. Great find! Buying pre-owned in luxury handbags is smart. I did the same with one of mine and it was a fraction of the cost of new.

  2. I think you're my shopping soul mate.

    I purchased a Prada suede bag a few years ago at a consignment store for 25% of the original value. It was at a consignment store because the lining had been ripped. I bought it, took it home, and spent 5 minutes repairing the lining with a needle and thread. No one but a professional seamstress can tell that anything was ever wrong.

    Extravagance, as Ms. Dariaux states, is throwing your money away on any titillating thing. Her words of "I cannot afford to buy cheap" should really be embraced by the public at large. Maybe we'd have less garbage in our stores and more beautiful items like LV epi bags without the "luxury" stigma they need not bear.

  3. Your post just saved me a great deal of money. I have been trying to replace my 1981 Coach bag-and I was neither willing nor able to pay the new price. I looked up your new bag on eBay out of curiosity-and under the listing in the recommended items for me was the Coach bag I was looking for. I have a new to me bag on the way for $12.50 instead of $170 or so. I'm sure it had some dings, but that's OK!! My first bag lasted almost 25 years before it became unrepairable.

  4. Beautiful bag. I love LV, but I go for the traditional style even though I know it's flashy.
    I recently negotiated with an Etsy seller for a Ferragamo bag in black. I only paid $65 for it....huge score!

    I just found your blog from Cupcake Caramel....and I am so glad.